Hidden Harbor Marina


(651) 400-0121


388 9th Ave,
Saint Paul Park, MN 55071

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Scottie and I will be heading up to the bar for a couple of drinks soon Смайлик «smile» I was saying "this is the first time we will drink together" when he reminded me of the wedding of Jessica Noelle Christensen and Michael J Christensen. Which I have completely forgotten, due to how drunk he got me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! I don't mean I forgot the wedding, I mean I forgot us drinking.

End of a perfect evening. Thanks Allen Petersen

I have never seen it this flooded. I wonder how much water If any get into the building.

Hello!!!! St Paul Park im doing karaoke from 830 to 1230 at Willys Hidden Hardor on the Mississippi river. Come join me and tip a few back relax and let the good times roll. So where all my fb friend from St Paul Park, West Paul, Cottage Grove and surrounding area

Dana & The class of 83!!!!!.

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Tavern 829 - Bar and Grill
Weekends have great blues and jazz venues, and specials every night. Park your boat in one our slips and enjoy ice cold beer and great food.
We're located at the Hidden Harbor, St Paul Park,.
338 9th Ave St Paul Park, MN 55071.
(651) 400-0121

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Jody Lindner @Lindnerjody St. Paul Park, MN I am happy they have farm girl. (@ Vinnys on the River at Hidden Harbor Marina) http://4sq.com/19EvCl6
Liz LaVictor @LizarMarie St. Paul Park, MN Happy Birthday Anne Thunder! Yes, thats her name. Shes a boss. (@ Vinnys on the River at Hidden Harbor Marina) http://4sq.com/QmtuW2
Liz LaVictor @LizarMarie St. Paul Park, MN Im at Vinnys on the River at Hidden Harbor Marina (St Paul Park, Minnesota) http://4sq.com/Tac5Am
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor Tavern 829 is now open! Stop down :) 3 to midnight tonight. 9 to midnight Saturday. 9 to 11 Sunday.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor Last weeks accomplishment: 1.Big tank. 2. Big hole. 3. Big tank in big hole. Plus a connection to the… http://fb.me/2XOCUswtX
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor 2nd Captains Practice last night, again a success. Again, no pictures.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor 1st Captains Practice happened Friday night. Sorry, no pictures of that. What goes in the Harbor stays in the… http://fb.me/2f7SJF7qw
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor Sorry, the marina ramp is closed while we excavate next to it. We hope to have it open by Friday, Please check the progress here.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor Join us in snubbing this snow! Refuse to treat this snow as if it belongs by shoveling it. At the most, make… http://fb.me/42PwATNkt
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor The Boat Show begins in earnest today. The show floor is full of boats, and there are some big cruisers back on… http://fb.me/3osVcNNHa
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor If you are planning on attending the Minneapolis Boat Show Jan 22-25, you can save $3 on your ticket today!… http://fb.me/6TU33UBOa
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor what a great morning! I got two dozen donuts, and Im heading down to eat them on the dock with the boaters.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor A new toy! Our new mobile pump out is finally here! Now we can do our own pump outs in the winter, right on the… http://fb.me/1jI07YXjI
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor We win again! Thanks to everyone who helped decorate, and to Nick Dang for lending us the boat.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor Heritage Days is next weekend. Weve got an entry in the Saturday morning parade again. Well be decorating the… http://fb.me/1zczLg5uw
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor Gas sale report: about half the gas went, and all of the diesel. About half of the soda was drunk, and all of the beer.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor One-half hour into the gas sale, and one third of the gas is gone. If youre planning on coming and getting the cheap gas, dont delay.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor We decided to have a gas sale. 91 clear, the good stuff. A tanker will be at the harbor from 10 AM to 2 PM on… http://fb.me/2p8TULecM
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor Now that the flood damage is fixed, the marina is cleaned up, the rain has stopped, and the pumpout is fixed, its time for boating.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor Facebook asks what weve been up to. We have been launching and pumping out boats. The rivers calmed and the… http://fb.me/6A4vWCouE
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor The tanker truck filled up on the large tanks and was unable to service the boats. However, the marinas pumpout… http://fb.me/6U9q6Yu8q
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor The launches will open at noon tomorrow. $10 launch fee. Please mind the barricades.
Hidden Harbor Marina @HiddenHarbor The nearest operating pump-out I have found is Kings Cove. Late morning on Monday we will have a pumpout truck… http://fb.me/44YjmYwmQ

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