Genesee Depot Cafe



(262) 968-9830


S42W31230 State Road 83,
Genesee Depot, WI 53127

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We are located in the historic old train depot building in downtown Genesee Depot, Wisconsin. Good delicious fresh food. They have great food, service, and atmosphere. They always are friendly and helpful and serve great food.
Classy, Casual family Cafe. If your out for freshly made home made delights that hit the spot, this is your place. The fish on fridays is excellent!
They were recommended to Comfort Travel for our small group that was heading to Ten Chimneys for a tour.
Although problems caused our group to be late, they bent over backwards to make sure we had our food ready so we could make our tour.
Their service was good, their selections were varied, their sizes large and most importantly, their food was good.
Worth stopping if you are in the area.
42W31238 State Hwy 83 Genesee Depot, WI 53127.
(262) 968-9830

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Mark Tojek
@ mtojek
Genesee Depot, WI
Day off today! (@ Genesee Depot Cafe in Genesee Depot, WI)

Stephan Hermanson
@ ThisIsStephan
Genesee, WI
It is what it is. @ Genesee Depot Cafe

Peyton Loppnow
@ peyton_loppnow
Genesee, WI
Genesee Depot Cafe with daddy for lunch!

@ stephieleclaire
Genesee, WI
And Sunday begins! Come see me and Marie at the Genesee Depot Cafe!!!! #
moneymoneymoney #
icon smile

@ stephieleclaire
Genesee, WI
Come see me!!!! So official ,) #
managersgetcoolcards @ Genesee Depot Cafe

Emily Feiten
@ Ermlay
Genesee, WI
Fried egg, bacon, tomato, avocado, and dill mayo #
fuckingyum @ Genesee Depot Cafe

Emily Feiten
@ Ermlay
Genesee, WI
Good morning! @stephanie9326 @ Genesee Depot Cafe

Christen Gentile
@ christengentile
Genesse Depot
Breakfast with the rents!! (@ Genesee Depot Cafe) [pic]:

Art Aiello
@ aaiello
Wisconsin, USA
Just finished a pretty good lunch. (@ Genesee Depot Cafe)

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