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Fraser Farm & Grow Sure Ease, LLC, Ripon, Wisconsin. 203 likes | 48 were here. Our Christmas Tree Farm is located at 326 37th Ave, Ripon. Our. .

Just back from a two day visit with the California bound Mpls. Shuba family. We are elated for their opportunity and wish them happiness grounded in appreciation. Melissa promised she would run a marathon with her old Dad this fall. .so if you see me on the road, sweating and panting- offer me some kale smoothy with chia seeds in it! A few misty eyes saying the elongated good byes. The trip out there this fall will be an extended stay on the west coast, with a drive up. to WA state to see Dana, Tony, Emil and kids. we hope. Garden taking shape. so far behind, so not organized. so organic in nature. beautiful hanging baskets. .rows of empty plastic mulch waiting for the chance to save water and grow food. Thank you to Diane who kept the flowers and veggies alive and looking great. Stop in to take a look to see what we have left. they really are quite spectacular. .there must be some green thumbs taking care of them. not all of them mine. . Another meeting this Friday nite. topics cooperative housing, year round gardening, passive houses, and dynamic governance. If I ever think of taking the ipad to greenhouse, I should take some pics. it really is a beautiful time of year. blossoms, blooms, more kale than I know what to do with, nice greens, stop in. pitch in. and dig into the plate filled with goodness for it is SPRING! Change is in the air!

Food Samples Next Year?? Any volunteers for Next Year's Ag Career Day to help make them from my favorite veggie- KALE?? Thanks to Ripon Middle School for having the Ag Career Day. There are many opportunities in a new Agriculture for today's kids. It was fun and educational to be a part of their day. Understanding our food system, learning what is working, what is in need of change or improvement to make it safe and sustainable for our Grandkids and finding those brave eno. ugh to accept the challenges and reap the rewards will be tough. I did get the feeling that there may be a disconnect in the student's minds between farming and their dinner plate. education and knowledge may not be the best teacher about food systems. Perhaps the palate is a stronger teacher.

Thank you Linda for documenting the evening. I didn't realize you were doing that many pics. Too busy eating later in the evening. Thanks Anna, Jelka for doing all the heavy work in prepping and presenting, and to all those who made the night special with their presence. It was a fantastic night.

Just thought of another reason to like the cold. it is very easy for us Older Geezers to be VERY COOL!!!

Our Peppery Salad Mix contains 10 of the top 25 SUPER FOODS as contained in Dr. Joel Fuhrman 's Book-"Eat to Live-Cookbook"- Collards, mustard, kale, peppercress or a relative of watercress, Swiss chard, Bok choy, spinach, arugula, lettuces - red and green leaf, romaine etc. According to his book, you need to eat a balanced meal, but these foods mentioned score high in his ANDI index- Aggregate Nutrient Density Index. Seems our body craves certain nutrients, and by eating . some of these each day, we avoid some of the more high caloric foods. My advice is to add things to the mix- a bit of cheese, some nuts, berries, chia seeds, and a bit of olive oil and your favorite vinegar flavor or low calorie dressing- but watch the sugar content of the dressing. and the type of oil. Other advice for the winter- eat the stems- sweetest part of some of the salad- give it a light chop. Off to pick some more. and get an early spring tan. or turn this old gray hair to a blondish hue. or so I think!!

Lots of greens for the Oshkosh Market. picking today in the sunshine. should be about 83 degrees in there today. Have seen parasitoid wasps flying which means it is warming up. these are the good bugs that eat the bad ones! I left dill and cilantro plants in the greenhouse from last summer and they have survived to supply nectar for the good wasps. Favorite memories from last year have to be the CSA Dinner / Mary's 60th B-Day party- with the special kale cake. Terri an. d I spent hours messing up our kitchen making this puppy! It was VERY GREEN, the dinner was fantastic with people bringing in their favorite dishes, our cooking demo with Jesse's daughter, the bees and the sweet honey, our first melons, all the apples and other fruit, and yes- all the fruit trees planted did survive! Another favorite was digging carrots with no shoes on- the only way we could get these huge carrots out of the ground was to soak the ground-and I mean drown it- Julie, a CSA share worker, and I pulled out 18" carrots from some muck that we sunk into up to the top of our ankles, or was it up to our knees??? People, kids, and smiles round out the favorites from last year, along with looking back at pictures of beautiful flowers, greens, veggies and fruits. this year I look forward to some more of the same. Enjoy the warmer weather!

Good luck sturgeon fishing everyone. how deep is the ice? Does anyone know what sturgeon tastes like, and if you don't eat it, what do you do with it? I should know this stuff. but honestly don't know? I suppose it tastes like "chicken"?

Ollie seems to be going stir crazy. she warms in the sun coming into the room, then wants to go outside, thinking it has to be spring soon. goes outside for about two minutes, then re-learns about wind chill and is back at the door wanting to come back in to bask in the warmth of the sun-but in the house SUN!

Might want to give this a light chop with a nice knife and mix. See spinach photo for serving suggestions, or better yet, tell me how you like it prepared in your salad bowl!

Please eat the stems- they are SWEET! Top with feta and/or Parmesan cheese, chia seeds, nuts of all kinds, olives, blueberries (if you are adventurous), and a peanut sauce or nice flavored olive oil with taragon vinegar and to satisfy your sweet tooth (if you have to- a touch of honey), beans of your choice to add some protein, hard boiled egg, tuna. you get the idea- this can be a meal. Yes you might still crave your burger. make it another day!

Saturdday Farmer' s Market Come to Oshkosh on Sat. to enjoy Spring with a box of spinach, kale mix, or most people's favorite our peppery salad mix! Put some spring into your step. support local-enjoy fresh and get healthy this year! Ask about our CSA!

If you need a dose of spring today, call at 920-203-1054. one of us should be at the greenhouse this afternoon. give the plants a bit of time to thaw. .230 North Douglas . no thermals required. see you there. might be in the house there.

Back to the Farmer's Markets in Oshkosh on Sat. with 1/4 in of ice on the inside of the greenhouse walls, it is amazing that anything can grow in there. See you in Oshkosh! Will be in Ripon when the sun shines on Tuesday. with 2 degrees for a high, if the sun shines, it should be 60 in there. Stop in for a beach party.

Relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful trees. Wonderful staff!.

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