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Bergman Companies is a full-service pavement maintenance company managing projects throughout the Midwest. Founded in 1889, the company deals in asphalt paving and repair. It serves customers in various sectors, including state, municipal, educational, institutional and commercial. It has various divisions, including sealcoat emulsion, slurry sealcoat, crack sealing, line painting, water blasting, infrared patching, and sawing and sealing. The company organizes various events, pavement maintenance seminars and service demonstrations. Bergman Companies is a member of The Pavement Network, a national organization that enables its members to share ideas, techniques and technology with other asphalt-related industry leaders across the country. It has offices in Eau Claire, Wis., and Watertown, Minn.

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US Hwy 12 W. Scientists think they’ve found a way to make roads and bike paths greener by replacing some of the bitumen—a mixture of heavy, nonrenewable hydrocarbons—often used in asphalt and sealants.
On the horizon: Asphalt made with plants? The result is a repaired area that is virtually indistinguishable, has a very long life and can be completed quickly. Infrared Asphalt Repair and Patching – Fahrner Asphalt Sealers LLC. Quiet, reliable and environmentally friendly – but does it really work?. Elastic road surface reduces motorway noise pollution. Noise pollution is still an issue on Europe’s roads.
But thanks to technological advances, it’s less down to the sound of the car’s engine and more about how tyres touch the road surface. One solution is being tested in Denmark where part of the road has been covered with experimental surface material that dampens the tyre noise. Researcher Luc Goubert from the Belgian…. GSB-88 – Fahrner Asphalt Sealers LLC. Searching for GSB-88 services? Silage: The asphalt base option. Identifying What Lies Beneath. New technology helps ensure the base layer is being properly prepared for a lasting asphalt pavement. A California County is laying the groundwork for a new project in its award-winning campaign to reduce the frequency and severity of traffic collisions on county roads.
what do you think?. K for Reflective Pavement Markers in Placer County – News in Rosevi(…)

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