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We keep our prices low to better serve your community. Ready to serve you with high quality and fast service. We aim to please you, by working with realtors, contractors, and local government. We keep our prices low to better serve your community. We aim to please you, by working with realtors, contractors, and local government agencies.
Installing a septic system is the best thought of as a four step process.
Many times the soil tester will want to meet you on location to discuss important issues.
The basic idea behind septic systems is that 36” of permeable, unsaturated oil is needed to treat septic water.
A soil tester identifies how many inches of suitable soil exists on your property. If less than 36” of suitable soil is found on site, material may be brought into make up the difference. The better the soil conditions on your property, the less expensive your septic system will be. Upon completion, the original soil testis placed on file with the county zoning or sanitation department and you will receive a copy from the soil report form. Estimates given without a soil test are subject to change. Again, the plumber may want to meet you on-site to discuss important issues.
It is important to remember that you should not instruct anyone to complete the paperwork for the sanitary permit until you have received all bids and chosen the plumber who will install your septic system. Once that plumber has s(…)

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Excel Plumbing
@ Excel_Plumbing
Psyched up for tomorrows HUGE CMX Mechanical Expo at MTCC… Always an awesome show with megatons of new & unique Plumbing goodness!

Excel Plumbing
@ Excel_Plumbing
Happy World Plumbing Day! Take a moment today to ponder the myriad Plumbing marvels at our disposal which we take for granted each day!

Excel Plumbing
@ Excel_Plumbing
This weeks forecast is calling for overnight lows at the freezing mark! Winterize your hose bibs and irrigation TODAY to avoid damage!!

Excel Plumbing
@ Excel_Plumbing
Peel residents:Save BIG! Change your toilets and grab your $60 rebates before the Region SERIOUSLY downgrades the program on September 1st!

Excel Plumbing
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It is Fix a Leak Week!Running toilet? Dripping faucet? Get those expensive leaks fixed!http://www.peelregion.ca/watersmartpeel/residents/fix-leak-week.htm…

Excel Plumbing
@ Excel_Plumbing
We’re excited to kick off our first “tweet” with a reminder to celebrate “World Plumbing Day” on Sunday, March 11th! http://www.worldplumbingday.org

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