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A professional cleaning service that focuses around freeing UP your time to take care of the more prominent things in your life. We USE ALL ECO friendly products. And Don’t charge a premium for it.


Amex, Discover, Master Card, Visa, Cash, Check

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Mon - Sat. 8:00 Am - 2:30 Pm

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EcoClean 360, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. 211 likes | 2 talking about this | 1 was here. An earth friendly alternative to your more traditional cleaning companies.

Save 10% on all cleaning services thru August

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Hey guys and gals! Invite your friends to like this page! 3 day challenge has commenced! If we get 3 hundred new likes on the next three days, we will write a 500 dollar check to a local charity!

Alright the 3 day challenge will commence tomorrow morning. And we will hold a vote at the end to see who gets the money! If we hit 500 likes on our page by Monday Morning. we will write a $500 check to either the Boys and Girls Club of Manitowoc, The Lakeshore Humane Society, Life Academy in Manitowoc, The Hope House, The Haven, or The Crossing! Vote will be held later. These are the nominations that have been submitted. Share this with all of your friends, and have them, like our page. We can't wait for your support. The check will be donated in your names!

Metal polishes, such as those for brass, copper, stainless steel, and chrome, are on our list of poor cleaning agents and for good reason. Most metal polishes contain ammonia and usually at least one type of acid, among other undisclosed ingredients. This is another area where it's a good idea to try greener methods first before plunging into the use of harsh commercial products. Do you have tarnished copper or brass antiques? Give them loads of shine without doing any damage. by bringing in salt and vinegar and adding one more ingredient from your kitchen cupboard: flour. Make a paste using equal parts of the three ingredients; rub the paste onto the brass or copper item with a soft cloth. Cover the entire surface and let the whole thing dry out (this will take about an hour). Wipe off the dried paste with a clean, soft cloth. Lemon can also be used for lightly tarnished brass or copper pieces. Slice one lemon and dip it in salt, then rub the item with the salted lemon. Afterward, rinse and dry thoroughly. Another fix for lightly tarnished copper is to use a spray bottle filled with undiluted vinegar. Just spray the copper piece and sprinkle the tarnished area with salt. Wipe thoroughly with a sponge or cotton cloth; be sure to remove all the salt, or the item will turn green. Repeat if necessary.

I want to relay our deepest apologies. Over the last week or so, our voicemail as been deleted more than twice as we have been switching cellphone providers. I know there were two voice mails on there that we needed to reply to the next day and they were deleted. If either of these were you, or you are interested in our services and didn't call. Please give us a call back. 920-374-1897. Everything is back up and running.

Alright peeps! The three day challenge is back! Let's raise some money for charity! Comment below and let us know what charities should be included in the poll?

Whenever you have an indoor painting project, you can help control the smell of the paint by keeping small dishes of vinegar scattered about in the room. The vinegar will absorb the paint odor while you work. Leave the dishes out for a few days after finishing the project to keep the paint smell at bay. Remember to change the vinegar each day.

Receive $20 from EcoClean 360 thru July

Call for a free Initial Assessment today!

Add a little greenery. Install a living air filter—houseplants! Some of the most efficient air-cleaning houseplants include Spider plants, English ivy, rubber plants, and peace lilies. You’ll need 15 to 18 medium-sized (6 to 8-inch diameter container) houseplants for the average 1,800 square foot house. If that sounds like a lot, place a few plants in the room where you spend the most time.

Castile Soap Use #3. Tub Scrub: Make a tile or toilet “soft scrub” out of baking soda and castile soap. Simply fill a spray bottle with a dilution of 1:3 castile to water. Sprinkling the area you wish to clean with a liberal dusting of baking soda, then spray the castile solution over the top. Scour with a sponge or scrub brush and watch the stains disappear. This also works great on crusty stovetops!

Use #2 for Castile soap. This stuff is great! Laundry Detergent: You can make your own laundry detergent with simple, common ingredients. Save tons money and do the environment a friendly favor. It’s a win-win!

Save 20% on all cleaning services at EcoClean thru May

Superb work ethic, real commitment to quality clean with no harsh chemicals, owned by people of integrity. I'm glad to say EcoClean is in our community!

EcoClean cleaned my filthy basement staircase carpeting, they did an amazing job, carpet looks new again! I will definitely be using EcoClean in the future!.

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Angela @ECOCLEAN4LIFE ECO CLEAN4 LIFE ~for a clean you can feel green about~ now open for appointments in Genesee county Michigan
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