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(715) 394-3244


1412 Tower Ave,
Superior, WI 54880

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Electronic cigarettes, mods, replacement parts, accessories and ejuice. Today I was told to leave the store due to my service dog.
It’s a dog it happens.
I personally cleaned the area. He then informed my brother that we could not have Monty in there as he had pooped.
Monty did not poop but threw up and it was cleaned up by myself. His response was that I was allowed to come in for purchases but then I need to leave as soon as I am done thus restricting me from using the lounge area open to the public. I will no longer support this store on any pages.
Such good customer service. Very knowledgeable staff that helps me find what I actually need to help me quit for good!
I like the workers there cause they are very kind with very good service. Great staff and merchandise. Very easy to come in and have conversations and fun the hang out with other people into vaping.
A friend brought me here a few weeks ago. The atmosphere is amazing, friendly and knowledgeable staff, a great selection of liquids, and great prices!
A go-to place for all of your vaping needs.
It isn’t everyday that you walk into a place and the staff comes over and just chit-chats with you during their down-time. The best place to come for vape needs!
The best place to find the balance between prices, quality, and all around good vapes.
The staff knows what they are dealing with, and can help with just about anything related(…)

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Amy Harris
@ amyyyharris
Minneapolis, MN
So I really love my job. And raffles are cool too. @ ECig Crib – Uptown, MN

Amy Harris
@ amyyyharris
Minneapolis, MN

@ kayla_jeann
Coon Rapids, MN
Let me tell you guys a story.. So i go to the ecig crib to get some fluid earlier, i chose the enterprise flavor. This is how i ordered it..

Amy Harris
@ amyyyharris
Minneapolis, MN
Give me all your thank$ @ ECig Crib – Uptown, MN

Taylor C. Pemberton
@ pemberton
Minneapolis, MN
Im at ECig Crib (Minneapolis, MN)

Tony Gold Chain
@ BlackjewTony
Blaine, MN
AnyethDeng @
Tim96Bui ecig crib got a bunch of new flavors but idk if you guys knew that already

@ OmNomNomTom
Minneapolis, MN
Chain smokin e-cigs (@ ECig Crib)

@ imprettystormy
North Oaks, MN
pfefferemily world it be at the ecig crib

Serena Graves
@ serena_graves
St. Louis Park, MN
ev_angelic ecig crib and take me out to bdubs tomorrow? looooove you

@ mrtaytaylove
Minneapolis, MN
Snapping some product pics! (@ ECig Crib)

Milwaukee CP
@ MilwaukeeCP
Milwaukee, WI
Twin Cities e-cigarettes retailer opens store in Superior: Electronic cigarettes retailer Ecig Crib, which has…

@ MaddyPotato
Burnsville, MN
AzhTheTurtle Im gonna go to ecig crib tomorrow maybe. :p Ill take you with.

penelope ☪
@ _taylarose
Coon Rapids, MN
I kinda wanna ask my gramma to take me to the ecig crib quick but I feel like shes gonna say no

penelope ☪
@ _taylarose
Coon Rapids, MN
I need to go to the fucking ecig crib

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