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Marky Metropolis @Markysparkly Illustrator Adds Humorous Doodles to Random People’s Instagram Photos Using an Android Smartphone:… via @LaughingSquid
Blue Delliquanti @bluedelliquanti I drew some dumb wrassle doodles.…
Be Timeless @shopbetimeless Getting distracted with doodles while scheduling. #typical #girlboss
Betsey Anne Hodson @betseyhodson Flower doodles! #watercolor #sketch #illustration #drawing #flower
Cherry @reiconcorps stephy im gonna make some more forest god tobios for you that are more dynamic lmao but theyre just gonna be doodles ok? @tobiyou
GRMJean @GRMJean Made a Before-After doodles of my character Wulfgang yesterday night … Amazing to see how things…
:o) @MomoDriller omg there was a new pokemon teased at the end of a recent movie in japan in theaters so all we have of it so far are little doodles ITS CUTE
Bryan Young @Bryan_Young Photoset: bocsart: More doodles. Rock and merty. I’m tired.
Lynne Palombo @NewsResearch Google doodle: Special Olympics World Games.
Cara @sassyparrot Gesture-sketch birds, from an even older sketchbook! :) #birds #parakeets #chickadee #doodles
Cara @sassyparrot From the same older sketchbook, doodles of Grigori the gargoyle.
Ryan Loomis @ryanloomis Yes. This: “How Kids Doodles Can Change Their Education. #DoodleRevolution… Nice job, @SunniBrown!
a puppy eating dirt~ @satanandsolomon a puppy eating dirt~ retweeted a puppy eating dirt~
Mari – Small for Big @smallforbig When doodles turn out better than hours of prep.Im thinking of creating some coloring pages and need your help…
Goldendoodle Teddie @doodleteddie It sure is fun being goofy! #pets #doodles
First World Problems @WorldsFirstPain Since I use Google Chrome, I never see the Google Doodles.
Marty @Omnitarian Selfish request: help me find out where ALL my #campfangamer trading post doodles went! CAN WE TRACK DOWN THEM ALL?…
Rich Neumeister @richneumeister Artisan politics, doodles by Presidents. #gallery
jacquehoward @jacquehoward Columbia Heights, MN Happy 12th Birthday Doodles aka glamgirl_333 Abbi! Love you girl #moa #americangirl…
Tanya M @horty346 King of the world! @doodlefever #itsadogslife #summerlovin
Canine Peace of Mind @caninepeace @goEveyGo @doodlefever pass it my way next! #dogslife
JLS @InspTurbines @doodlefever Dusty relaxing and enjoying a balmy late afternoon!
Doodle Fever @doodlefever It takes ruby a good 5 minutes to fall asleep. #goldendoodle
Doodle Fever @doodlefever Baileys happy cause she got to lick the dinner plate clean. #goldendoodle
Doodle Fever @doodlefever If I had a dollar for every time the dogs went in our out today, Id have $34.
Paul Rosengard @paulrosengard Scout & I can make any open space a dog park. Legal or not…@doodlefever #labradoodles
Doodle Fever @doodlefever Any plans for the weekend?
Kierston @CaNdYFiT Bear #goldendoodle #doodledog
Megan O @meganosmond Samson having fun at the creek #dogwalking #dogsofinstagram #goldendoodle #creek #cutie #hotday
Jen Clyde @jclydestyle Ohh my gosh love this dog!!! No matter what she loves me. #dog #goldendoodle
PedroDoodle @PedroDoodle Finally a chance to go on #zombie patrol with #Daddy #ZSHQ #privatePedro reports #allclear #sunset #goldendoodle
Megan Barnhart @meganbarnhart Thats not ladylike, but it is really cute. #goldendoodle
Michelle @Agirlnamedmeesh So happy to be home laying next to this little boy! @ericgobucks
Oscar Doodle @Oscarthedoodle I like to guard mommy while she showers. Ill keep you safe, mommy. @Agirlnamedmeesh
leah thomas @leah1693 You have a new fan #philmitchell #labradoodle @bbceastenders @doodlefever
Brett Charles @Brett_Charles0 Welcome to the family Maci! #Goldendoodle #Maci #Puppy #6weeks
Jeremy Bussell @jbussell A rare moment of quiet and calm from this guy! #Wrigley #Goldendoodle
Tucker Doodle @tuckerdoodlesd #ManiacMonday strikes again! We tore it up this morning! #sassypup #ASmileForFatherTuck #goldendoodle #sandiegodog
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ Absolutely!
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ Think about it……..
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ and did!
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ My teacher friends can relate to some of these, Im sure….
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ…
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ NJ – These two Bonded Oodle Brothers just joined our Oodles of Doodles Rescue. Arent they adorable? Will be…
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ I posted a new photo to Facebook
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ Too funny.
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ Really.
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ Thank you, Rosemarie. We so much appreciate your support. We could not do what we do without supporters like you….
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ NJ – Found in Jackson owner please call Jackson Animal control 732 928 5780 or Jackson police at 732 928 1111
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ The countdown begins.
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ THIS is why things are so messed up.Rosemarie Villanova
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ NJ – Gorgeous Morkie, Kenya is looking for her Happily Ever After….
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ Yay! Kaden went HOME.
OodlesofDoodles RSQ @OofDoodlesRSQ Did anyone really think there would be any real bacon in a Purina Product?…

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