Culture Cafe


(920) 682-6844


3949 Calumet Ave,
Manitowoc, WI 54220

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Culture Cafe, Manitowoc, WI. 364 likes | 9 talking about this | 37 were here. Culture Cafe.

what is the last Culture Cafe shirt worth? size small

Culture Cafe

John Michael Kohler Arts Center fall workshops and other lit at the Cafe.

Kevin walks in and says, "hey, can you make me a quad?.

I'm smilin'

get me my espresso and shut up!

Wonderful lunch on Friday! The chili is delicious and one of the people I was with enjoyed the black bean quesadilla very much.

Great vegetarian options. My fav is veggie burger wrap and the chai!.

the Culture Cafe, Manitowoc, WI. 414 likes | 1 talking about this | 116 were here. the Culture Cafe brings it! best espresso shots, veggie food and. .

brewing up our house roasted organic Colombian Valle DeCauca with our old school pour over method. Waiting for the vegan lemon poppy scones to be done. Bring on the day!

Happy Birthday Bob Marley, where ever you are! Thank you!

Culture Cafe

door's open, heats on, coffee fresh as the new year! if you haven't stopped lately, come see and taste the changes for yourself. fresh baked lemon poppy scones this morning with an org. Colombian Valle De Cauca.

Culture Cafe supporters 8-11a tuesday mornin'

I'm absolutely tickled pink with my drink! My iced coffee has coffee ice cubes so it's delicious from first sip to last drop!!!!

Courtyard Shoppes. 63 likes | 1 talking about this. A quaint group of small family run business.

RamonasApparel helping women from all over look great. .

another beautiful Courtyard Shoppes moment. stop in for ‪#‎CrazyDays‬

Spaces for rent! Starting at $475. per month. Any ideas?, office, psychic, tatoo, repair, shipping place, vaping supplies? Come join the Culture Cafe on Calumet Ave. Plenry of parking and easy access not available downtown. Snow and trash removal included.

Tired of downtown parking frown emoticon, we got that covered. Plenty of parking and plowing is included in rent. Open a new business here!

What's your business? tattoos, office, gifts, nutrition or something new. locate with us. Great access, visibility, coffee and parking.

Calumet Ave. for rent! near Culture Café and other commerce. Contact Ramona's for info.

YES! We are getting a pet groomer!

Shop Local! Tons of Mexican party supplies at Dulceria Y Novedades. Tons of beautiful clothes and gifts at Ramona's Ladies Apparel. Tons of organic coffee and more at the Culture Cafe.

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Culture Cafe - Cafe
Rishi tea, vegetarian entres.
Wi/Fi access and two IMacs hourly, or free with dinner tab. Culture Cafe has the best Vegan choices in town. I recommend the chili or his homemade bread it is the best. People may say that this place is anti American far from it. If you are going there to have a right wing policy discussion I'm sure it would be welcome just expect some liberal counter points.
I think you are not going there for the politics because the coffee there is the best in town. Authentic,healthy clean food which tastes amazing!
Well, there needs to be a separate category for the coffee, that was a 4!
Support your local business!
What makes this anti-american?with that statement i will never step foot in your place.Not good for your business.
I guess thats why I never see anyone there or hear of anyone speaking of your food or coffee.hear I was all excited to read organic,and vegan. We were travelin this summer to visit family in manitowoc n stopped in here for lunch. The owner was very rude and looked put out that we were there. The food was good but i questioned how sanitary it was after i found a hair in my egg wrap,
On our trip to wi we ate there twice- each time i never saw the owner or the workers wash their hands.
Locally owned and operated 2. Fair Trade Coffee and Tea 3. Fresh from the garden, organic vegetables 4. Interesting decor from Manitowoc's history 5. Encourages patrons to recy(...)

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Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Wisconsin, USA #organic #coffee #fresh @theCultureCafe #friday #winter
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe #medusa
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Made a ladies day! #coffee
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Bad #barista
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe #organic coffee roasted fresh today in 8 varietals
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe the best coffee needs the best water.never doubt us on this.
Rishi Tea @RishiTea Do you eat tea as often as you sip it? If not, this might be a good year to experiment :) Eating tea is a top…
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Fully stocked with @annsherbals #homemadesoaps @theCultureCafe.
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe #bittercold #manitowoc @theCultureCafe
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe #thebestcoffee in Manitowoc Wisconsin is roasted in our cafe and you dont need a membership to enjoy @theCultureCafe
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Milwaukee, WI local garden greens on the menu @theCultureCafe May 1. feels good.
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Milwaukee, WI your Cd is getting some playtime at #theCultureCafe @purgatoryhill
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Milwaukee, WI roasting up some org. coffee beans in little ol #Manitowoc WI
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Milwaukee, WI @JohnDCarlucci tweet!
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe @theCultureCafe we need to sell pounds of fresh roasted #coffee. reduce the risk of #colon cancer, get #energy, be #creative.
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe #obama #manitowoc @theculturecafe. on #cnn
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe Greed Pollutes…
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe the best shots are not always @KohlerGolf, but @theculturecafe :great espresso shots 15 miles away.
Culture Cafe @theCultureCafe @theCultureCafe, you can sharpen your mad golf skills for thePGA Championship in Kohler WI :Whistling Straits w/espresso shots

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