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(262) 634-4287


409 Main St,
Racine, WI 53403

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Life is good & Smart Wool Clothing Line, Earmitts, Hats, Caps, Visors, Socks, Scarfs

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Mon - Fri. 10:00 Am - 6:00 Pm
Sat. 10:00 Am - 6:00 Am
Sun. 12:00 Pm - 4:00 Pm

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Copacetic - Hat Shop
Stetson, Dobbs, Kangol, San Diego Co, Tilley, Stormy Kromer, Dorfman Pacific, Scala, hats, & caps.
I had purchased two hats, one for myself and one for my fiancé. When we returned home with the hats she noticed that her hat was defective. We could not return to the shop that day but she called Mary and told her of the problem. Mary agreed to exchange the hat or order a new one and my fiancé asked that she order a new one. After several weeks we called Mary and she said that she could no longer order that style hat and would exchange. It took several weeks for my fiancé to return to the store for the exchange. Mary was not happy about exchanging it because it apparently had a smoke order, Mary said that she did not think she could put it back on the shelf because of the odor.
She eventually agreed to exchange it but acted as though she was very inconvenienced by it. First I think that was very poor customer service. Second, why would she consider putting a known defective hat back out for sale? I planned on buying more hats, but it will not be from Mary. I can always find fun hats and shirts here!
I recommend the store to all visitors and residents of Racine. Be sure to ask Mary (the proprietor) for the inside scoop on what fun and events are happening in the Racine area.
409 Main St Racine, WI 53403.
(262) 634-4287

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Tara @taraosullly Marshfield, MA cant stop listening to copacetic @KnucklePuckIL
elizabeth @no_parallels Everything is Copacetic.
Alyssa @alyssa_martinxx Copacetic flag and fabulous new album @KnucklePuckIL #EverythingIsCopacetic
isaac @EGGMEMESUPREME @KnucklePuckIL copacetic is soooooo good im shouting!!! #EverythingIsCopacetic
Radio Free Horse @chemoelectric Hmm, I’m not certain current version of Portage and the eselect module from the ‘science’ overlay are copacetic.
Hamza Sahal @hamzasahal05 Savage, MN In all honesty I got time to be copacetic until you had finally made decision to hold me against my will
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Warped again tomorrow I have room for one more person if someone wants to come!!!
Knuckle Puck @KnucklePuckIL RT to show people our new album.
Copacetic @carelesschoirs You could hold a gun to my head and I still wouldnt part with my @KnucklePuckIL/@NeckDeepUK split.
Copacetic @carelesschoirs I guess u could say that the people that make fun of me for listening to pop punk arent real friends…..
Copacetic @carelesschoirs True
John OCallaghan @johnmaine Youre not sassy, youre just an asshole.
Copacetic @carelesschoirs *Brainstorms a tattoo idea related to an album that isnt out yet*
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Its *probably* excessive to go to 3 dates of warped but am I gonna do it? Yeah Am I gonna die? Maybe
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Ps: 2 seats open in my car for Indy
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Going to Indy warped, Pentimento, Nicki Minaj, and State Champs, all in 4 days. I have a love/hate relationship with my adventurous self.
Copacetic @carelesschoirs If I dont see Homesafe this summer Im gonna be very sad.
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Absolutely blown away by the new @homesafeIL/@KnucklePuckIL. What talented dudes. Go listen to both of them immediately.
Copacetic @carelesschoirs I dont know how, but I didnt re-injure my ankle nor did I need Motrin the last two days
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Im angry like 18 again.
YOUNG CEEJ @Ceejwilson222 Detroit was sick! Thanks to all the homies that partied with us.
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Handguns forever.
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Music is what you hear, not see. Especially when youre 4 ft 9 and a quarter. Or its 86 degrees out.
Homesafe @homesafeIL Inside Your Head is available right NOW! RT!…
Copacetic @carelesschoirs Ill tell you everything is copacetic.
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Charles Forsmans REVENGER #3. Now @ Copacetic: in the shop and at…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Just in time for the weekend, its HIP HOP FAMILY TREE THREE by Ed Piskor. Now in stock!
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Creepy presents ALEX TOTH is a magazine size hardcover volume that presents 21 classic Toth tales of terror from…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Anders Nilsens new 200+ page hardcover, POETRY IS USELESS has arrived! Plenty of beautiful sketchbook scans are…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco FINALLY! Copra Round Two by Michel Fiffe is @ Copacetic, in the shop and on the site:…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco We also just got in a heap of new old school floppy comics. Most notably an all new comic book by Gilbert…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Hot off the press, its the first issue of the all new MONTHLY science fiction comics anthology, ISLAND. Were…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco TONIGHT @ COPACETIC. Starts at 7:00pm…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Just In @ Copacetic: BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME by Ta-Nehisi Coates.
Copacetic Comics @copcomco TODAY…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco TOMORROW NIGHT:…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Winner of the Best Series Prize at Angoulême in 2013, this mind-bending science fiction drama by Swiss comicker…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Now also available @…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco The return of the Hanuka brothers! ASAP & Tomer have teamed up with writer Boaz Lavie to create an all-new…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco THIS Saturday @ Copacetic:…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco The New Simon Hanselmann has at last arrived @ Copacetic. WORST BEHAVIOUR is here.
Copacetic Comics @copcomco FYI: OPEN CALL FOR PITTSBURGH AREA CARTOONISTSDrawn in Pittsburgh Exhibit at the ToonSeumThe ToonSeum invites…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco Theres still plenty of summer left. Heres a selection of recent arrivals well suited for vacation reading, at…
Copacetic Comics @copcomco THIS SATURDAY @ COPACETIC:…


5 Stars of 5



This store is so much fun to s...

This store is so much fun to shop! I love the huge selection of hats, and also the tee-shirts and other items to remind people that Life is Good. I'd recommend for anybody who loves hats, the outdoors, or just life!

5 Stars of 5



Great store!

I absolutely love Copacetic. I drive to Racine from Milwaukee to see what they have sometimes and am never disappointed. There's such a huge selection for men and women, and I always find what I'm looking for (and then some) at a reasonable price. Also, the customer service is wonderful, and if by chance they don't have what you are searching for, they will surely order it for you. I highly recommend this store to hat lovers.

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