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177 Main St,
Menasha, WI 54952

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Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Comfortable, clean and courteous taxi cab company. A Cab Neenah Menasha. Seriously, I have used their services several times for both friends and myself. Usually calling at obscene times like 3-5am and the guy on the other end of the phone was polite and agreeable. Not what you’d expect from a taxi company (given my extremely limited experience with taxi companies, lol). They’re even nice to their drivers over the CB!
Whoever owns this joint is a stand up guy who deserves a good review. Great service, unbeatable prices, clean cabs, and local drivers.
What’s not to like? They aren’t paying me to write this either.
I just happened to step out of their cab tonight and think, they did me a good turn, let me return the favor.

(920) 809-5995

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Andi Husted
@ Husted20
When you call a cab to pick you up in 4 hours and then they dont write it down and pretend you never ordered it… #

Angelic Troublemaker
@ sasha_feather
dimensionwitch its OK to go to the ER. do you have someone who could take you? you could call a cab.

Melissa Marts
@ LaSardineCan
Minneapolis, MN
Concierge of a hotel, kind of like a librarian. Find the hospital that is closet to you and call a cab…or ambulance. Ugh.

John Kojis
@ JSixftunder
Waterford, WI
way 2 work , I helped county sherriff with drunk driver arrest…yikes St Paddys day n still smashed? YIKRS…call a cab plz

John Kojis
@ JSixftunder
Wisconsin, USA
St Patrick party people please call a cab!!!

Megan Mulcahy
@ megsmulcahy
Cottage Grove, WI
lizerss56 you could call a cab or u could start walking at about 7am.

Robert Alpaugh
@ Rsalpaugh
Apple Valley, MN
My car is messy. It doesnt look the best, it doesnt smell the best. If that bothers you, call a cab.

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Call A Cab LLC

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