Bluemound Bowl



(262) 786-6280


12935 W Bluemound Rd,
Brookfield, WI 53005

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Bowling is bowling and this place is just fine for bowling.
What really sets it apart is its amazing staff. Friendly, knowledgeable and fun. Every single staff member we encountered had a smile on their face and seemed happy to help. In fact, the staff is so amazing that one time, when I called to see if they had lanes available they told me no.and then told me who in the area still did have open bowl!
That really impressed me. We ended up bowling at the other establishment that day, but I can assure you Bluemound Bowl will be my family’s first choice from now on.
12935 W Bluemound Rd Brookfield, WI 53005.
(262) 786-6280

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Alex Hess
@ getatmeimevil
Brookfield, WI
Solid – Drinking a Snowdrift Vanilla Porter by @
Leinenkugels @ Bluemound Bowl —

@ NotoriousPVE
Brookfield, WI
Random outing with friends on a Saturday. Love it. (@ Bluemound Bowl in Brookfield, WI)

Mikal Phillips
@ mikalphillips
Brookfield, WI
Keep bowlin bowlin bowlin. (@ Bluemound Bowl in Brookfield, WI)…

William Rodriguez
@ billyrod24
Brookfield, WI
Time to bowl! (@ Bluemound Bowl)

Judson Paul Werner
@ JudsonWerner
Brookfield, WI
Picking up spares and winning so far. #
shutthefuckupDonnie (@ Bluemound Bowl)

LeAnn Hoksch
@ LeAnnLouise
Brookfield, WI
Saturday night lights! (@ Bluemound Bowl)

August Philosophica
@ Philosophica82
Brookfield, WI
Im at Bluemound Bowl (Brookfield, WI)

Joe Dorn
@ JosephDorn
Brookfield, WI
Drinking a Riverwest Stein Beer by @
lakefront @ Bluemound Bowl —

@ MissyFIT7
Brookfield, WI
Date night with friends (@ Bluemound Bowl)

David Rossa
@ drossa
Brookfield, WI
Sharp Entrance #
bluemoundbowl @ Bluemound Bowl

David Rossa
@ drossa
Brookfield, WI
Strike! #
bowling @ Bluemound Bowl

Michael Riley
@ onewitheartless
Bluemound Bowl
Last night of bowling! :(( (@ Bluemound Bowl w/ 2 others)

Michael Riley
@ onewitheartless
Bluemound Bowl
Seasons almost over only 1 week left
icon sad(@ Bluemound Bowl)

Nicole Sotiros
@ nsotiros
Bluemound Bowl
Having more fun than you (@ Bluemound Bowl)

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