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A word about the importance of X-rays: Using specific upper cervical X-rays to analyze the misalignments of the spine can significantly reduce the number of visits you need to be adjusted.Guessing on how to adjust a spine versus knowing exactly from which side and what angle most of the time makes all the difference in correcting a misalignment.
Adjusting and caring for more pre-teen and teenage patients recently. A lot of it trauma related, some posture related. It’s amazing how quickly they respond to care!
I wanted to thank all of our my patients for taking steps to be healthy this year and trusting us in taking care of them and their families” spine and nervous system. I had a record year of adjusting patients and referrals. I also made more time for continuing education conferences which helped me to serve our patients better. My staff (Angela and Brittany) was awesome in helping me be on time and to organize and be efficient. I could not have done it without them
Balance Chiropractic Center, Mequon, WI. 183 likes · 6 talking about this · 178 were here. Balance Chiropractic Center seeks to restore the full capacity…

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