Badger Brothers Coffee



(608) 348-7764


10 E Main St,
Platteville, WI 53818

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At Badger Brothers Coffee, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest coffee drinks and roasted coffee available. Better Coffee, Better Service. Finally a coffee shop that has loose leaf teas!
She actually set a timer for two minutes to steep it!
Up to WI for business back in October my car automatically pulled over after seeing the inviting storefront coffee shop on the main street in Platteville. I am afraid my coffee drinking life will never be the same. A few days later before I headed back to Florida, I stopped back in and bought a lb. Well I just used the last of those beans and I know withdrawal will begin soon. Headed for their website next and hoping that they ship coffee to FL!
If not I will need to ask my friend in WI to stop by and get me my next lb and ship it down south!
The highlight of my week is to go in and have Darin make me the ‘special of the day’. Even though there is no ‘special of the day’ posted, Darin always makes me something great!
Best coffee with amazing service!
The Badger Brothers is the epitome of cafes in Grant county. They offer a variety of their well roasted beans that do more than just put a smile on a coffee lover’s face – they leave us wanting more!
All of which are roasted in the back of the lobby (sometimes you’ll here the crackling and churning of the roasting process). If your lucky, you’ll be able to walk in after a fresh session of roasting and sm(…)

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Karmen Mallow
@ karmenvasion
Platteville, WI
Even Harry Potter needs coffee. #
coffee #
cafes #
harrypotter @ Badger Brothers Coffee

@ alovelybean
Platteville, WI
she might not understand coffee addiction yet but she sure gets coffee shops @ Badger Brothers Coffee

@ mtazin_tzx420
Platteville, WI
Loving this Ukulele night! (@ Badger Brothers Coffee in Platteville, WI)
@ dine_here
Platteville, WI
Badger Brothers Coffee #
PLATTEVILLE Morning coffee/hot chocolate date with

Matt Ivey
@ MIBL95
Platteville, WI
Coffee break! (@ Badger Brothers Coffee)

@ mtazin_tzx420
Platteville, WI
So far the best sign Ive seen in a while! #
AntiStarbucks #
Friends @ Badger Brothers Coffee

@ mtazin_tzx420
Platteville, WI
Definitely way better than Starbucks coffee on campus! (@ Badger Brothers Coffee)

Kayann Johansson
@ JohanssonKayann
Badger Brothers Coffee
Just grabbing some ice peach tea while working! (@ Badger Brothers Coffee) [pic]:

Mason OMara
@ MasonOh91
Platteville, WI
Feels so nice to be off by 3 on a Thursday. @ Badger Brothers Coffee

Brendan DeBusk
@ brendandebusk
Badger Brothers Coffee
Im at Badger Brothers Coffee (Platteville, WI) w/ 2 others

Ben Demaree
@ bendemaree
Platteville, WI
Still a #
Platteville gem. @ Badger Brothers Coffee

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Badger Brothers Coffee and Internet Cafe

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