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(414) 744-0266

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160 W Layton Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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Mon – Sat. 8:00 Am – 6:00 Pm
Sun. 9:00 Am – 2:00 Pm

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Auto Spa, Milwaukee, WI. 235 likes | 6 talking about this | 168 were here. WE LOVE PEOPLE AND WANT CLEAN CARS.

Have your mats seen better days? Get them ready for Spring with a $25 carpet/mat steam! 414-744-3132 160 W Layton Ave

Get that Salt off w/a $6 Car Wash! Interior vacuumed and hand dry! 160 W Layton Ave, 53207 414-744-3132

I love the hand towel dry at the end You have a hard working crew there and I’m grateful for them.

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Auto Spa – Car Wash. Dropped my car off at 8:30am this morning to get the interior detailed.
Called back at 1pm and they hadn’t even started on it yet. They gave me the excuse that they had gotten busy. Got a call at 3:30 that it was done, go to pick it up, and they had obviously just finished.
The seats, dash, and console had all be sprayed with some sort of armor all, and not even thoroughly wiped off. There were still splatter marks all over the steering wheel, dash, and console. The logo on my mats were still dingy when they are suppose to be white, and the inside windows had not even been wiped off at all. The suction cup marks from my gps were exactly as they were before. If they had not kept me waiting all day, and I wasn’t in such of a hurry, I would have had more time to inspect the car and they would have finished, or not been paid.
I feel like I was robbed.
Do NOT bring your vehicle here, this place is very unprofessional. I used a broom and cleaned it. Do not go here. I bring my car to them and love how they hand dry the car and wash the windows.
I used to go to Auto Spa a lot. The service was good, the people were great. The last three times I’ve been there my car hasn’t been cleaned inside or out. I don’t understand how the outside isn’t clean since they are supposed to hand dry. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY – EVEN WITH A GROUPON!
It’s just not worth it!
Took my car through and they somehow(…)

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Auto Spa Car Wash

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