Ajs Bar




(847) 546-3314


114 E Washington St,
Round Lake Park, IL 60073

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Havin a few cold one’s with Mike underwood

Chillin knowing I have to be up by 5

Visiting bae at her new job ;P

Come to Aj’s for some dranks!! Good company, good dranks, good music, pool and darts! What more great all around stop by and say hi!!

I worked there it’s a out standing ‘place OF business and JUST as much A nice of p place TO go and get away and relax and get TO know all the beautiful women there from the dancers TO the bar tenters last but not least the men their owners Andy and Paul the ones that are there for amy question you llike or need to ask and the ccoolest bouncers you ever wwould want to meet Mr dave well come and see wont be disappointed

Great place to hang out. Local home town bar with a lot community interests.

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Natasha Coe
@ willowinpink
Muskego, WI
They shooting out here! Lol gig time in booneyville (@ Ajs Bar & Grill in Muskego, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/2bBaM908aCW

@ aumend
Muskego, WI
Partying with the Toys!! (@ Ajs Bar & Grill in Muskego, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/dbK8lBT01Xc

Chris Mason
@ cgmasonmke
Muskego, WI
Drinking a Samuel Adams OctoberFest by @
SamuelAdamsBeer @ Ajs Bar & Grill — http://untpd.it/s/c110426068

Chris Mason
@ cgmasonmke
Wisconsin, USA
Drinking a Miller High Life by @
MillerCoors @ Ajs Bar & Grill — http://untp.it/1itv2XH

Krissy Hashek
@ TheKrissyHashek
Muskego, WI
Birthday partiessss (@ Ajs Bar & Grill) http://4sq.com/1cQpC9B

Jason Dobbs
@ mkedobbs
Muskego, WI
Worst shot glass ever. @ Ajs Bar & Grill http://instagram.com/p/hpNi23oavS/

@ Shadezillaaa
Round Lake Park, IL
Why is there a mini party bus parked outside AJs bar? Who gets a party bus & decides to go to Round Lake Park tho?!

D Von Drasek
@ D_Von_Drasek
A Js Bar & Grill
Im at Ajs Bar & Grill (Muskego, WI) w/ 3 others http://4sq.com/IDOUZW

@ upinchicago
A Js Bar
Im at AJs Bar (Round Lake Park) http://4sq.com/zzrQ7A

@ upinchicago
Ajs Bar and Grill
Im at AJs Bar and Grill (2833 Sunset Ave, Waukegan) http://4sq.com/kss9EN

Mike Hough
@ MHough78
Muskego, WI
Im at Ajs Bar & Grill (S90W13970 Boxhorn Dr, Muskego) http://4sq.com/mzvtvw

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