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CNC turning/ milling & assembly.


(262) 644-6444


731 Industrial Dr,
Slinger, WI 53086

Conveniently located off of Highway 60 in Slinger, WI. Only miles from Highways 41 & 45.

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CNC turning/ milling & assembly we have the ability to turn a part 1/2′ UP to 60′ (relative to size & shape of part). We have the ability to mill a part 1/4′ UP to 80′ (relative to size & shape of part).

Experienced shop personnel ready to take your project from print to finished part. We ensure quality and timely delivery.

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CNC Turning, CNC Milling & Assembly. ABS Sales & Service.
731 Industrial Dr Slinger, WI 53086.
(262) 644-6444

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ABS Sales & Svc

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